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Will Load XML pull schemas from the Web?



Hi, I know next to nothing about XML and I'm trying to use labview as an easy way of manipulating data created by someone else.  If it were a very simple data format, I'd be ok, but it seems they use schemas and namespaces throughout.  I was hoping to just be able to load the files into labview, and run "Query XML Documents for..." and have all the heavy parsing done for me so that I can just find and process specific nodes.  However, I get an error along the lines of 

"Line 0, Column 0, Message: An exception occurred! Type:NetAccessorException, Message:Could not open file: Line 8, Column 122, Message: Fatal error encountered during schema scan" 

I copied this file from the website onto my hard disk and referenced it locally, and I no longer get parse errors, but the "Query XML Documents for..." VI no longer returns anything useful for me unless I set an xpath of "*" or "/*".  For simple XML files without schemas or namespaces the "Query XML Documents for..." VI's seem to fork just fine.  Looking inside the schema definition file, I find references to other web-hosted documents.  Do I have to download each of these files separately and change all the references before this works?

It's clear that labview is just using some .dll API to do all this processing, but there's really not too much documentation as to the capabilities other than "we use Xerces and DOM."  Reading through C++ documentation is what i'm trying to get away from with labview.
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As you have discovered, using XML data in LabVIEW is hard.


JKI Software has an XML toolkit that you might find interesting, but if the XML schemas you are working with are complex it may not be the complete solution to your problem.





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