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Will Labwiew 6.1 run-time for linux work with apps written in 5.1

I am using labview exe.'s written in LV 5.1 and compiled in app builder 5.1, I want to run them on a Linux system (Red Hat 7.0) will 6.1 runtime engine for Linux work with these exe's?
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I have to imagine that this is not possible. I have seen this with LabVIEW for Windows, and in that environment, the runtime engine for the version of LabVIEW in which the code was created, compiled, and built into an application, was required. In fact, I had two versions of the runtime engine running at the same time for two versions of code, if my memory serves me.

I believe you can get the LabVIEW for linux 5.1 runtime from NIs website (Downloads page).

Good luck.
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