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Wii Power On/Power Off Commands......

I am wanting to do a simple Wii Power On/Power Off with LavVIEW via Bluetooth.  I have seen several VIs in this forum that provide some pretty complex controls with Bluetooth but haven't seen anything that gives me info on how to power on/power off the Wii console. 


Can anybody help me out with this?



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I had previously downloaded the referenced VI and had looked through them.  But I didn't find anything about power.  Most of the VIs are way beyond that. 


I just now looked completely through the thread you referenced but no luck.......



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I just read the whole thread (out of interest) and noticed that the starting post states that the power button is not supported...


The Wiimote VIs currently can:
* Read and write LED status
* Read all buttons (except power button)
* Read calibrated accelaration data
* Read up to 4 IR sources

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Well, BUMMER!!!  Smiley Mad  I guess I missed that part. 


Anybody have a clue why the power button isn't supported?  (It is the only thing I need.  LOL)

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Going out on a limb (I know nothing about a Wii)- if the power was off how could it communicate back without any power available to do so????



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It is like a TV remote control.  The console always has power but is inactive.  The remotes are battery powered.


I do not know anything about the communications protocol, however.



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Might try a bluetooth protocol analyzer.


don't think this device works on bluetooth frequencies, but it does work on wireless lan.

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