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Why we cannot copy-paste a control from a BD to a FP?

If someone is good in writing QuickDropPlugins and scripting, please go ahead, I would be thankful! 🙂 I will also have a look, and if I manage to make a plugin to automatize the workaround, I will post it here (i am very new in scripting however).

I wrote the plugin idea with steps over in the Idea exchange thread:



Suggested workaround, as said by tst (first comment here in the Idea thread), and by RTSLVU in my thread:

I can create a quick temporary copy of the desired control, using "ctrl+drag", change it into a constant, then do a Ctrl+X. Now you can paste this directly into any FP/Class data/Typdef cluster... I imagine these steps could be automatized using QuickDropPlugin and scripting, so you only need a Ctrl+space and a Ctrl+keycombo to get the desired functionality...


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I created a Quick Drop Plugin, so you can now copy a control directly from the BD into any FP or Typedef Cluster/Class data.

Place the VI (back saved to LV2014) into your "\Documents\LabVIEW Data\Quick Drop Plugins\" folder (create the subfolder if not existing yet). Restart LV (i am not sure if needed, probably). Then launch quick drop with CTRL+Space, and configure the "CopyAsConstant" shortcut. I set it to "Ctrl-C".

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