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Why this happened?(Related to Different Languages' LV8.0)

The following driver is converted from LV7.0(Japanese) to LV8.0(Japanese) -> resaved under LV8.0(Japanese).

But when I open it with LV8.0(English), and do nothing, it's said the YKDX2000 Error in YKDX2000.llb has been modified as there is a (*) in the windows title.

But other vis have not the same problem, why this happend?

U may get some information from the following picture.

Or help me to check the reason by download the driver and open it by LV8.0(English)(Maybe other languages' version of LV8.0 can get the same result)

I think it is related to the General Error after it was saved by LV8.0(JP) and opend by LV8.0(EN), but not sure, and no idea how can I fix this bug???



 some hint(maybe)

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It definitely seems related to the General Error Handler as it is the only subVI in that VI.


The full description about the unsaved change is:  (I opened this in LabVIEW 8.6 English)


"A subVI's connector pane (or a polymorphic subVI's list of VIs) was modified. Show the Context Help window for the subVI and make sure the connections to the subVI on the block diagram are still correct."


Perhaps something about the language, or something about the version change.  I had seen messages about this with respect to the Error Handler VI's that depended on whether the VI was written as a part of a PC enviroment or as part of a RT target such as the compact Fieldpoint.


I would just recommend saving that VI and that should eliminate the message the next time you open it.  (Unless you go back and open it up in one of the other editions of LabVIEW again.)



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hi, Ravens Fan

Thx to post.


Well, as u say, the problem is the General Error

It 's not exactly the same in LV8.0 of Janpanese and English version.

Even I reinstall the LV8,0 of Japanese and English, the same bug occurs.

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