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Why might my myRIO read non-1kHz analog signal amplitudes incorrectly?

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Apologies for the delay, Niatross.


I am happy that you pointed out the issue with my RT array indexing. I have implemented your idea, and it works well. Also, I made an additional set of code to facilitate graphing every nth value that is obtained by the FPGA. Through this, I can alter my undersampling / oversampling.


I have also fixed the frequency dependent amplitude of my readings through a different route. It occurred due to a low-pass frequency response of the oscilloscope probes that I was using. After changing the attenuation factor from 10x to 1x, the amplitudes of my signals are now correct, so it was not actually aliasing (but the RT bug was).


Thank you for your assistance.


- Best regards, 2001J

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