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Why is the Value Property Node of a Typedef control not typedef itself?


This is not preventing me from progressing, but I am puzzled by what I am seeing on one of my diagrams (LV 2011).

I have a typedef control which I am reading around my diagram and passing to some subVI. For this purpose I create a read "Value" Property Node and pass the value to the subVI.

The subVI uses the same typedef control as that in my calling VI but nonetheless there is a coersion dot on my calling VI's diagram when I connect the "Value" to the subVI connector. Why?

The closest to this discussion I found was this old one, but it did not end up with a final answer.... It turns out that the typedef control I am talking about is an enum, but that does not matter.

As a matter of fact, if you connect the Value output of a Property Node to a sequence and create a subVI from that sequence, the corresponding control has lost any link with the typedef. In other words, the Value property node of a typedef control is not a typedef. Why?

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[...] Why?

Because you haven't posted an idea here.


Well.. maybe you or somebody else has and I missed it, after all there's more than 14k ideas so for just for LabVIEW.. What? Who said that means there's a lot of room for improvement in LabVIEW??

Jokes appart, if there is an idea, please give the link.

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.


Antoine Chalons

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It's not an idea, it is a question. If it has some deep metaphysical foundation, I'd be curious to know. If that turns out to be lingering LabVIEW "feature", then it should generate a CAR (or not) from here, not from the Idea Exchange forum.

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