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Why is SI Read and LVsound.dll issue still not resloved?

Is there a reason NI continues to not adress and fix issues with
Simltanious sound in and sound out? This bug is present in all versions to
Please don't ask me to post the hundreds of configurations that have been
You people know of the issue and refuse to fix it. Why? That's all I ask.
The best solution to date is puting the SI Read in a loop with aout loop to
it when it hangs. There are many bugs that still remain. Shall I list them?

Freeze ups, errors.
Buffering over runs.
Chopped sound after running for a given time.
Memory starts creeping up after running for a given time.
This is all caused by SI read. When line to the sound out is broken
memory stop screeping up. Using SO WAIT causes system to freeze on many
machines most of these problems are present on every single PC tried.
Latency appears up to 200 MS after running for a short time.
There are more, I could go on and on.

Without any work around you can't sample at anything
less then 4096. It is not practial for me to post the 100's
of configurations I have tried like consuor producer loop including all
posted on NI forums. I am personally aware of at least 3 people who refuse
to buy your software becuase this functionallity has so many bugs. If you
can't fix it then just say so. Let's be done so people can move on.

If I have missed something, please point to an example that runs
untill stoped by the user and I will try and build my app from that.

Sorry for being upset but it's with good reason.
This issue has goes back to at least 7.1 maybe earlyer.
There are apps that do this on any machine without any problem
so I don't understand why NI can't fix this.

If not NI can someone be a savior and please tell me how they fixed this?

I am using LV 8.6

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I'm using LV 2011 and Si Read hangs after about 5 min.  I am using Si Config: 8Khz/8Bit/Mono/240 Samples, and Si Start outside a while loop.  Inside the loops is now nothing but Si Read.  The vi freezes after 5 min everytime.  Seriously, that's what I've honed it down to.  Just that.


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Is replacing the lvsound functions with lvsound2 an option? Something like:

Sound Input.png


Another alternative is WaveIO which is an 3rd party sound API for LabVIEW. I've found it to be slightly more reliable than lvsound2 in terms of buffer issues and audio glitches.

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