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Why is LabVIEW install and uninstall extremely slow?

Unplug the network Cable. 🙂


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Wish it was that easy.  Management software installed on the PC will still turn everything back on that I am able to turn off after 5 min.

Randall Pursley
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Happily running LV2011 SP1. No need (at least for me) to upgrade 2x times a year. I remember all the problems, bugs, etc.

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I am also on day #3. I first uninstalled an earlier version to free up some room, and that took hours. Drivers are the worst. FPGA not much faster.

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This thread has been inactive for about three months, maybe try starting a new thread to get some more help and see if anyone from the community has seen this installation issue and has a workaround.

Levi D.
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National Instruments
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I've had no problem installing LabVIEW 2018 on several Windows 10 PCs, and have never had to disable anti-virus software to do a LabVIEW install.  As it happens, I work about 6 buildings over from Randy Pursley, so I just left him Voice Mail offering to at least "consult" on this issue.  Maybe together we can fix this, and report back on the "solution".


Bob Schor

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