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Why does the sampling rate for my DAQCard-700 max out at 6578Hz regardless of the number of channels I'm sampling?

My DAQCard-700 is acting funny. I am using LABView 6.0.2 on a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop for continuous analog input. For some reason my DAQCard-700 won't let me acquire multiple channels unless I create virtual channels in max and then run AI Config with a list of the virtual channel names. That's fine (but weird), but I max out my sampling rate at 6578 Hz, which is the max sampling rate if I would have sampled all 16 (Referenced, single-ended) AI channels. But I'm not -- I'm sampling 6 channels, as proven by the "number of channels" indicator in AI config and just looking at my data. If I sample just one channel, I can get up to 105248Hz. Is my card f
ried, or am I missing a hidden setting somewhere? I have the latest NIDAQ.
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By the description of your problem, everything is pointing us to a hardware failure.
There aren't any tricks to acquire multiple channels with that card.
The best way to go about this is to have NI to fix the board for you.
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Thanks, Filipe! I was thinking it was a hardware problem also. We actually have a new DAQCard on the way anyway. If we decide we still need this one, I'll send it back to NI.

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