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Why does building packed project library change custom icon size?

When I build small icons using the instructions in LabVIEW help "Creating a Custom-Shaped Icon", and then build the resulting subVI into a packed project library, the icon size changes back to the default. I have attached containing Example calling and Example calling which show the icon size of Integer to changing from a custom small size to the default size after it is build into a packed project library. How can I prevent this icon resize from happening?



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I see small icon or not understand you

icon copy.png

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When I call the subVI the custom icon is the desired size.

Example calling subVI.PNG


When I call the packed project library, the icon goes back to the default full size. The border is not visible, but this example shows four copies after being selected on block diagram and  vertical compress selected.

Example calling PPL.PNG


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And no error again. LabVIEW 15




Sorry, I don't know why you get this strange result.

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Was there ever a resolution to this issue? I am seeing the same problem in LV2016 when I build a "bullet" style VI into a PPL.

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When we asked NI this question a while back we were told that PPLs always use a full size icon. We were never given a good explanation as to why though.

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