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Why do I receive error -1073807339 VISA Write

I have a LV app built using LV2010 SP1 on a WinXP 32-bit machine.  The app uses VISA to communicate serially through a RS232 to USB adpater to a pump.  I can run the compiled app (exe) on another Win XP 32-bit machine without error.  But the app generates "error -1073807339" with a VISA Write VI (timeout before completion) when run on Win7 64-bit machine.  I have verified that both WinXP machines and the Win7 machine all have the NI device drivers installed (NI VISA 5.0.3), the LV2010 Run-Time engine, and the RS232-USB device drivers.


I have investigated sources of the timeout error and tried increasing the timeout with no success.  I have also verified port settings, although the app is

identical between all machines.


I have verified that the installation on the Win7 64-bit machine was done using admin rights and files were installed correctly.


I feel like I must be missing something, so I'd appreciate some suggesitons.



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Can you communicate to the device on the Win 7 machine using hyperterminal or some some other communication program? Make sure that you have basic communication and it isn't some strange Win 7 thing. Are you runnign Win 7 64-bit? If so make sure you use the correct drivers.

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I sounds like its in the USB driver- which driver are you using?- does it support Win7-64?

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I believe the RS232-USB device driver supports Win7 64-bit, but I'll have to confirm this.  The USB port does show up in the device manager as working porperly, but I will try communication via hyperterminal to verify.



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