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Why do I receive Error 200378 "Custom scale specified does not exist"?

I am experiencing the error in LV Development 8.2.1 using the Acq. Wheatstone Bridge w/ Calibration Example VI.  But if I run the same exact VI in LV8.6, no problem.

No pattern I can figure out yet.


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Thanks for calling in we have found a known bug related to this.  Are you using this VI within a project?  If so can you try it outside?  In the mean time as a workaround your linear scale can be easily implemented mathematically.

Jason Daming
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I have been using the VI wihtin a project but I will try it outside.


And I am aware of how to implement the scale mathematically.




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I now have the null offset working in LV8.2.1 within and outside the project. I haven't changed anything so I am nto sure why I have the intermittent problem.



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I seemed to have been able to really narrow down the problem I having.  If I open my VI from outside of the project window and run the VI so that my custom scales are created, then it works fine, no error.  If I then open up the same VI through its project window, the VI also works for any channels that the scales were created in the previous run from outside the project.  If a particular scale has not been created by running a VI from outside the project window, then the VI, when opened though the project window will return an error for that particular scale.  I verifed this for each of the four channels of teh 9237.


It seems that this is a workaround as long as the scale names are not changed.


Thanks for the suggestions



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Good job tracking it down.

-Matt Bradley

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