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Why do I get error -2147352573 with an ethernet connection

I am using LabVIEW to send string commands to a Gemini GV6K controller/driver (Parker/Hannafin Corporation), which then controls a single axis servo motor. The ethernet connection that I am using is functional (I tested it with another software program--Motion Planner), but does not work through LabVIEW. How do I fix this problem? Thank you.
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That type of error usually ocurrs with AcitveX. I don't believe that it has anything to do with your ethernet card. What is the fist node in your block diagram that throws this error? Are you calling an external application? Post to let us know. Thanks!
Chris C
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Yes, I am calling an external application with the same address as the ethernet card. The application is a Gemini GV6K controller/driver purchased from Parker Hannafin Corporation (, and is used to drive a rotary servo motor. What needs to be done with Active X? Thank you.

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The first node in my block diagram is an invoke node VI, followed by a property node VI, followed by several other invoke node VIs. The error even occurs at the tunnel for case structures, while loops, and for loops. Thanks again.
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Thank you very much for your help. I changed the Active X class and the problem was solved.
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