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Why can't I get the maximum of these numbers?

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I want to get the maximum of a list of numbers (see attachment) . However, when I use the Min & Max from array vi, the maximum value output yields nothing. My guess is that there is something wrong with the data format, but I am having difficulty figuring out how I can fix it. Thanks for your help!

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Your data type is an array of clusters of arrays. If you pass this through Max and Min function it will return the cluster with the largest 'first' array element. In your VI however you are wired to the "max index" output, not the "max value" output.



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Is there a way to get the maximum vertically? For example, with the numbers you posted, I want to get 8 and 5.

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Use a FOR loop and Unbundle.

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Thanks very much! I am relatively new to Labview, so I found that very helpful.

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