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Why am I not being able to display the names on the lisbox when I click run?

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Figure A below is the VI I built and Figure B is the VI I'm copying. So basically, I want my VI to display the names as shown on Figube B below when I click. However, I am not getting the same results. I have attached both VIs and the notepad file that has the list of names.

Thanks for your help.

Figure A:

Figure A.PNG

Figure B:

figure B.PNG


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So this isn't the first post of your I've seen this in, so I'll comment now - you're using Build Path without a path input, and with an absolute "relative path" at the bottom. If you want to wire an explicit, absolute path, then just remove the Build Path node and use a "Path Constant". You can right click on these and "Browse for Path" which allows you to select the appropriate file.


Beyond that, I'm a little suspicious that the "Columns" control being used in the top VI is not the same as the "Column Configurations" being used for the Value Change event. Make sure they're the same control (i.e., that you only have 1 listbox!).

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You need to use a Property Node to populate the names in your listbox.

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You are never writing any items to your listbox. The template VI has the items set as defaults and there is no guarantee that they have any resemblance to whatever is read from the file.


After reading the file, write to the "item names" property of the listbox.




(Of course there are many other things wrong with your code fragment. I assume this is part of a real program architecture, such as a state machine.)

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Thank you. You are awesome!!!!

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