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Why am I getting Error - BFFA4214 when using my DAQ970A with labview?

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I have attached my very basic LabView code to read a voltage from a single channel on my DAQ970A. This code was working a month ago and since then I have used a different software to manipulate the DAQ, since coming back to LabView I find that I am constantly getting the error BFFA4214. Does anyone have any thoughts on why it is giving me this error and what the solution might be?

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That's a sort of generic connection problem error.  It could be that your USB resource string needs to change.  Some of the values there are fixed, like the serial number and manufacturer's ID, but some of them can change when you plug it into a different USB port.


Also, just in general it might be a good idea to do a reset on the device to set it back to factory defaults.  Turning the device on and off erases some settings it has in memory but not others, and one of the things it usually keeps in memory when it loses power is any changes to its connection settings, which may be what you're having issues with.

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Annoyingly the USB resource is definitely correct and I have tried to reset the device, it doesn't seem to make any difference. 

I have contacted Keysight and will see if they can give me any insight into what they believe the problem might be.

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I have uncovered what the problem was and unfortunately it was a problem with my laptop and setup. 


I currently have a laptop connected up to the DAQ. I am using Remote Desktop to remotely control that laptop. I have found that if the usb connection from DAQ to laptop gets disconnected and reconnected then sometimes BenchVue and Keysight Connection Expert will work completely fine but LabVIEW remains unhappy about the connection and will throw the I/O error which I was seeing. In order to fix the problem I am currently restarting the laptop and it is instantly okay.

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