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Why am I always asked "Select the item to load from the list below" on every launch?

Each time I launch my VI from it's project PoC_allCards I get the following error message. if i launch the VI VI from Windows it's fine though.


How to fix and not have this message launch??




Note - If I delete the VI from the Project and then re-add it I still get the same error message
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Did you save the project after loading the VI from the new location? 

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nope XX(
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What happens when you load a project: the project thinks it knows where certain VIs are that have been added to the project hierarchy. The VI, on the other hand, might have loaded those same VIs from a different location. When you open the VI in the project and there is a mismatch, it shows you this window.


Once you choose what you want in this window, the references get updated and now both the project and the VI are in agreement. If you save the project file, it will then forever know the now-matching load path.


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You're running into cross linking.  I'd suspect the VI has a relative path it expects the subVI to be in.  You have a different relative path the project expects it to be in. When you open the project, it can't find the VI where it expects.  But, you also have a dependency loading due to the VI knowing where it's at.  At that point, you have two of the same VI in the project, you've created a conflict, and it's asking you to resolve it.  You resolve it.  Then, you decide you didn't care for that effort and don't save the project.  Your work goes away.


Rinse and repeat.

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