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Why I am unable to read/write thermocouple data using FIFO


I like get data using 9213 module. I used example VI for this. And to get the data according to my desired samling rate, I used FIFO.


The problem is, if I use FIFO, I do not get any data when run the real time VI.


But, if I like to get data using cluster, then it is OK.


Also, can you tell me why the error comes when I use FIFO and run the program?


My sampling desired rate is 1200 sample/sec. I like to acquire data for 30 seconds after the trigger.

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Good Afternoon,


I would suggest lowering the number of elements into the invoke node in your real time VI.  You only need the number fo samples times the sampling rate for the number of elements input.  Hope this helps!


-Cody C

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