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Why Do I Receive Internal Software Error(s): Terminal Index Out of Bounds. Error code -61350,When Compiling my FPGA VI for an cRIO-9118 using NI 9223 ?

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I am receiving the following error (in a pop-up window) when compiling my VI FPGA code in chassis NI 9118 using NI 9223 module.  This error occur while compiling process (generating intermediate files , stage 7 of 7). how do I resolve this error ?


thank you


additional information :

Original error message: 

Errors : 

Internal Software Error(s): Terminal Index Out of Bounds.


Error code: -61350


Details : 

A terminal with this index does not exist on this block diagram node.<APPEND>

<b>Complete call chain:</b>
niFpgaNodeInformation.lvclass:Get Const



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Hi tesa,


This is a bug which was fixed in LabVIEW 2012 SP1. The CAR number created for this bug is 332811 and as you can see in this link, it is already in the bug fixes list.




Carmen C.

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Hi Carmen


thank's for your reply, it was really helpful. moreover, I currently use Labview 2011. so I'll try it in labView 2012, hope there will be no error.


Carmen C.

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