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Who's in the mood for more nuggets?

Wow, I really had no idea my nuggets had such a following.  Seriously...I knew people liked them, but the global outpouring of dismay over my retirement has really been a shocker.  Thanks to everybody for the kind words...I did have a lot of fun writing nuggets for the past year.

But here's the deal...coming up with one nugget a week for 53 weeks straight was hard.  Really hard.  The ideas came to me now and then, and I would write them down, but more often than not my list had a shortage, not a surplus.

So to appease the masses, but maintain my sanity, I will soon be posting my inaugural Darren's Occasional Nugget.  There's not going to be any sort of guaranteed volume of these.  It may be days, weeks, or months between posts.  But I can guarantee this...for as long as it's my job to write LabVIEW programs, I will be coming up with nugget ideas and posting them when I get the chance.

Rock on, LabVIEW...


DNatt, NI
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That's gr8 Darren...Thank you...Smiley Happy
Karthik SP
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Cheers to Darren! Smiley Very Happy

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I must admit that Darren's nugget was one of the things which makes me come to Discussion Forum every week. So naturally, I was dissapointed to hear about your retirement. Even if its once in a few months, I can wait for that considering the fact that I've come to know things which I didn't knew even after six years of working with LV...Thanks DarrenSmiley Happy




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great news Smiley Very Happy !!!
more tasty nuggets for the hungry soul... Smiley Wink
Best Regards,


LV 8.0 user...
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I think Homer J. Simpson sums it up best:


Using LV 6.1 and 8.2.1 on W2k (SP4) and WXP (SP2)
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For what it's worth, Darren, I'm in agreement with you. I liked the nuggets, but I already knew most of them, so I haven't been waiting for them with bated breath (which is not to say I have not been waiting for them at all).

Try to take over the world!
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Hey guys look. We suckered him back in.Smiley Very Happy

Thanks darren, I knew if we begged enough you would give in.


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Good stuff Darren!  Smiley Happy

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