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White Noise generation for HDD susceptibility testing.




I am a highschool intern working in Dell's acoustics engineering lab and I started working with Labview for the first time last week and have learned the very, very, basics. I am in need of producing a "specified" range for white noise, but I have found little info online on how to do such a thing. I have the NI USB carrier 9162 and using the Analog output NI 9263 but I am having trouble as I have no actual bakground in Acoustics and none in Labview. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get even if just a link to acquire such information.




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Greetings, Isaac.


LabVIEW has a fair amount of Help available -- there's even a Noise Generation topic (which doesn't take you too far, unfortunately ...).  There are also Examples included with LabVIEW, several involving Noise Generation.  You'll find them under the Help menu item.


Bob Schor

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