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Which front panel style is used in Core 2?

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I'm using LabVIEW 2020 SP1. I'm doing the Core 2 course, and I really like the look of the indicators I've drawn the red circle around. They are generated from a VI supplied by NI. But which style is this? I've created 5 indicators on the right side, in the styles available to me, as far as I can tell, and none of them look the same. The closest is NXG, but it lacks the black frame. How can I find the style of an indicator? I'm trying the right-click menu options, but I cannot figure it out.





Edit: I've uploaded the VI's in a zip.



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I don't know if that's what they used, but the classic palette also has a simple numeric, which has one line of pixels on the boundary. Note that if you change the colors, you can press space in the color selector to toggle between FP/BG/both (see the line of text at the bottom of the selector).

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You can get this appearance at least by customizing a Classic simple numeric indicator or a NXG Style numeric indicator. 

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Looks like a NXG Simple indicator to me.

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I partially agree with the rest. This probably started out as and an NXG numeric indicator but it has been modified more than just making the frame black, as simply making the frame black looks like this. 



You know years ago I suggesting NI come out with some sort of "Skinning Engine" for front panels. As I don't know about anyone else but all of the LabVIEW controls and indicators and therefore all my front panels are ugly and look dated.


I am an Engineer not an Artist, I don't have the time or talent to design good looking controls and indicators. 

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@RTSLVU wrote:

You know years ago I suggesting NI come out with some sort of "Skinning Engine" for front panels. . 

It was late in the last century where I suggested something similar. A that time the instrument was in a darkroom that sometimes needs to be use under dim red light for the study of Rhodopsin. My idea was to define a special skin where everything is just shades of dark red. In the end we just covered all monitors with special red filters whenever needed. 🙂


(Another problem was the fact that some of the physical gauges had red needles, meaning they became invisible under red light. All we could do is look for the shadow of the needle to read the values during tuning. Ah the good old times. :D)


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Thank you for your replies.


The reason I asked was first of all, I like the look of that indicator. It catches the eye without being "noisy", so I wanted to find out if it was a one of those standard themes. Alright, I guess it is not, that's fine. I know I can customize these things.


I also agree the whole system for styles could do with an update.


Thanks for your help, everybody! Kudos all around!

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Like tst, I think those are Clasic-Simple numerics.


Note for the OP: there are custom sets of controls available via VIPM.  My own set which I use is called Flatline Controls, and there is also a good flat set from JKI 

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