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Which FFT to use?

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@johnsold wrote:



Try to keep reminding yourself that without students, you would be without a job.



Do you know for how many years I have been begging the Engineering School to allow me to give a class on LabVIEW, or Topics in Data Acquisition and Analysis?  It would cost them $0.00, as my salary is covered by another Department.  Instead, they require Matlab.  I have managed (twice) to give a single lecture to the Senior Design Class during their final semester (when they're all busy trying to finish their required Project).


So I'm trying another trick -- I put my business card in the box with the 2015 Distribution USB Key, saying "Call me if you need help with installation".  So far, I've gotten a few calls ...



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Is the Computer Engineering Department only teaching Fortran? 


I firmly believe that an engineering education should emphasize the fundamentals. First, because they are necessary, and second, because they do not change. When it comes to tools, such as programming languages, some standardazation is useful but it is far more important for students to learn that they must learn how to learn and to learn that they must continue to learn throughout their careers.  What I learned about Algol in school has been of no use.  What I learned about how to program (in the same class) I have used on many different programming languages, including LabVIEW.


Keep trying.



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Hey Bob,


sorry if that's how you feel about me asking a question here. I just want you to know that LabVIEW is not being taught here (not even the basics of LV). So in order for me to know if I'm doing it right or wrong is to ask question and I think the best place in asking question is here. Regardless if my question is basic or complex I'd rather have it checked (by someone who really knows it) if it is correct or not. I'm just glad that someone is willing to answer my question (basic or complex) I hope I made my point. Thank you.


Hey John (Lynn),


thank you for the response and for the suggestion. I used the Extract Single Tone and did the conversion from array to a waveform like you said. It provides me the frequency and the equivalent amplitude. Thank you very much. 🙂

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