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Where is the DDE Palette and how can I change the icons in the user vi-libraries?

I am using a german version of LV6.02. I can't find the DDE vi's in the function palette, even though the dde.llb exists alongside the other communication vi-libraries (HiQ, ActiveX). I tried copying dde.llb into user.lib, but the icon doesn't appear (yes, I did restart LV).
The second part of my question: is it possible to edit the icon (symbol) and the name of a user vi-library? The menu EDIT>EDIT FUNCTION AND CONTROL PALETTES does not appear in the LV version I am using.
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In order to edit a palette in LabVIEW 6, click on the options button that is on the top row of either the Functions or Tools palette. You can use this to either edit the icon, name or add the DDE functions. I suspect that the DDE functions were removed from the palette because DDE is pretty much obsolete technology. Microsoft wants everyone to use ActiveX instead.
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