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Where is real-time timing express vi



I am programming for a cRIO 9076 with NI 9221, 9402 and 9211 modules. The most challenging part is how to setup a time to activate one digital output channel of NI 9402 deterministically.  I need use NI 9221 to measure a 60 Hz since wave, upon detecting a zero crossing, add user specified microseconds, then trigger the digital output. I understand I may use FPGA zero crossing VI to get my time to start. The problem is LABVIEW only has millisecond loop timer while I need setup trigger time with microsecond resolution.


On LabVIEW Real Time 1 Exercises' Course Slides page A44, it showed Real-time timing express VIs that can do microsecond timing tasks.  However, I cannot find them in my computer. Can anybody point out where they are?  Thanks a lot in advance. 


NI Software :  LabVIEW Base Development System  

version 2013 SP1 , RT and FPGA modules

NI Hardware :  CompactRIO device CRIO-9076

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Sorry I just found that Loop Timer Express VI that actually allow me to select the counter unit as us.


Never mind the question.


Have a good day.

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