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Where is LabVIEW Searching for .rc Files?

Where is LV searching for .rc files? These are configuration files used to store property node information and refnum data for IVI drivers.


If a driver's wrapper VIs are installed in the standard location (instr.lib\prefix), the prefix.rc file is in that directory right next to the LLB. What if the driver is not installed in that location? How can you tell it where to look for the .rc file? It doesn't seem to look in the same directory as the LLB.


Thanks for any help.

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Well, I don't (deliberately) install IVI drivers, although I do install DAQmx, Vision (IMAQdx), VISA, and Serial drivers.  On my Windows 10 x64 machine with LabVIEW 32-bit, I searched in Program Files (x86)\National Instruments and found .rc files in several places.  Most are in \objmgr folders (\LabVIEW 2016\resource\, \SHARED\LabVIEW Run-Time\2016\, etc.), one was in \MAX\Assistants\mxwDataTypes, and one in \LabVIEW 2016\instr.lib\niSync\.  I didn't look in other folders.


Bob Schor


P.S. -- I realize I'm not directly answering your question, which is "Where is LabVIEW Searching for .rc Files?".  Instead, I'm telling you where LabVIEW would find them on my system, in other words, where it should be searching.  Not exactly the same thing, but maybe it is a partial answer ...

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