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Where can i download FTP

I found an example program for connecting/reading/writung to an FTP server programatical.

I downloaded the file. but it was only the main vi. To run the program i need FTP, FTP and FTP (and some more)

where can i find/download all that necessary files?

thats teh link to the example programm

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If you read the text in that page you will see that "This VI requires the LabVIEW Internet Developers Toolkit" and you also get a link for how to buy it. You might some VI which implement the FTP protocol on the web, but you would probably have to make some changes to the examples for them to fit.

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hi there

for simple FTP tasks (file download and upload) you can use the DataSocket Read/Write functions, they are part of any LV distribution. see the LV documentation or search here for examples of how to use DataSocket functions for FTP.

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