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Where can I store my VI's so I can use them in other programs

When I write a VI where can I store this VI to use in other programs as sub-VI's and how do I retreave them.
(Example) I build a special timing program and want to use this timing in other programs. So iI don't have to re-write this program over and over. I am using LabView 6i with some revisions. (Older cards)
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You can store them where ever you want. To retrieve them you can drag and drop them to the diagram or use "Select a VI..." from the function palette. The later will open a file dialog that will allow you to navigate to where you stored the vi. Another way to do it is to store your vi in the LabVIEW\user.lib directory, then you can retrieve your vi from "User Libraries" in the function palette.

Hope this helps

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Thank you that was very helpful with a very quick responce.
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