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Where can I find NIVIUSBK.sys


I try to generate a driver for my device with NI VISA. But the
generated driver wasn´t accepted by windows.

In the generated *.inf file a file called NIVIUSBK.sys is mentioned.
But it seems that this file is not even installed at my computer. I can
´t find the file. Normally it should be in the System32 folder, but
there is nothing.

I think that the missing NIVIUSBK.sys is the reason why my driver don
´t work.

So where can I find the NIVIUSBK.sys. Can somebody send my the file?

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Hai Spetznatz,

Refer this thread for more information.

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Thank you for your fast answer!

But I still don´t know where I can find the NiViUsbK.sys.

Ok, the Link you sent my says:
Quote: "It requires the installation of the NiViUsbK.sys device
driver. This driver is installed from the INF file created by using
the VISA Driver Development Wizard.!"

It seems that VISA generated the file automatically. But the file must
be saved somewhere, mustn´t? But where?
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Actually if u right click the .inf file you could find an option 'install' mostly second at the list. Click that "install'. Then .pnf file will be created. Do this first and proceed further. Let me know any help needed.



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