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Where can I download Labview 2012 RT ?

My old lab computer is broken down, and I have to install my Labview system on a new computer. I can install Labview 2012 from the DVD´s I have, but the RT modul will not install (or run?)

When I run NI Update Service it tells me to install the critical update "LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 2014 SP1 (32-bit) f11 Patch". And when I install the update it will not work because Labview 2014 RT is not compatible whit Labview 2012. And I don't have a license for Labview 2014


I  believe I can solve my problem by installing Labview 2012 RT module, but it is now include on the Labview 2012 Platform DVD´s.


I some one tell me where I can download Labview 2012 RT?


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This is probably not the place, as it's the first hit on google (can't be that simple):

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No, I have tried. To use the link I need to have a active subscription. 

I have valid license for Labview 2012 and Labview 2012 RT, but no active subscription.  

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Previous versions are available only to customers with an active standard service program (SSP) membership


It's the only legit way to get the files.

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I suggest that you get in contact with your local NI sales representive.

Since you do own a valid license for that toolkit you should be able to download it - even without a active SSP subscription.


IMHO I find it not appropiate by NI to limit downloads of older software to an active SSP subsciption. Just my 0.02$.



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I couldn't agree more.  I believe limiting downloads of older software to active SSP subscriptions to be an incredibly user-hostile move by NI.

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