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Where are the various "Digital XXXXXXXX" sub-vi's located?

   I have inherited the support and enhancements of some Labview code from someone who has retired that has not left alot of good documentation
about the code that was generated. Whenever I install his software on a new PC I get numerous error messages related to the following sub-vi's, they are:
  • Digital Trigger Config
  • Digital Buffer Control
  • Digital Buffer Write
  • Digital Buffer Read
  • Digital Buffer Control
  • Digital Clock Config
  • Digital Buffer Config
  • Digital Group Config

  I have obtained some CD's for the card in the PC and on several PC's I get a -10401 error about a incorrect date and/or version of a driver that was released to early.  Any ideas where the sub-vi's mentioned aboce come from?


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I belive those are all part of the traditional NI-DAQ.  You could either reinstall the appropiate NI-daq version (available on at ) or if you have LV 7 and up you could do a vi on disk search (tools->Find VIs on Disk enter something like Digital Trigger*.vi make sure to look in llbs).
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