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Where are array indicators



I am learning from book "Labview for everyone" 3rd ed. I am at creating array controls and indicators. Where would I find controls or indicators such as "Boolean Indicator Array", "Numeric Control Array", "String Control Array". The bok says they are in "Modern>>Array, Matrix and Cluster. I found and placed an array box control on the front panel, however I can't find the aforementioned indicators or controls!



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The array or the matrix object from the palettes is just a container.  Whether it becomes an indicator or a control is determined by whether you drop an indicator or control (numeric, string, boolean, etc.)  into the container.

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The elements you have to put into the array shell are located in their appropriate palettes. E.g. Numeric is located in "Numeric" palette.

Just drag the desired data element into the shell and you will get the "numeric array", "bool array", ....



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Surely you can see the numeric and Boolean palettes.
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Thanks to all! I now see how to drag the elements into the array shell.

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