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When copying source some subVis are "expected" to load from original locations... Why?

When I start working on a new program version, I copy the old VIs into a new direction with a different version number and start working from there.  When I load this new version, certain VIs are flagged as follows:
Virtual Instrument
  - The subVI expected to be at "original location" was loaded from "new location" .
If I close the new version and reload the old one, I get the opposite message.
This only occurs for a few VIs so I am guessing there is a setting somewhere that I can change to prevent this from happening???
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Hi David,

What this message means is that the path the VI was found the last time it was opened is different than its current location.  If you save the VI, this message should go away. 

What you should do is make a copy of all your VIs, open them in the newer version of LabVIEW by opening that version of LabVIEW and going to File » Open, then saving them.

Ching P.
DAQ and Academic Hardware R&D
National Instruments
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