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When I read from a Keithley 2612, I lose 3 numbers of precsion



When I read from a Keithley 2612, I lose 3 numbers of precsion.  When I connect a probe to the Keithley driver output I can see a current measurement of 0.000005051 uA.  This output is wire to a "Merge Signalsbox" and then to a "Write LabVIEW Measurement File". But when I look in the excel file there is only 0.000005 uA.  Does anyone know how I can get all of the digits into the excel file?  I am using LabVIEW 8.2.1.




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Hi Gary,


Are you using any other VI's in this application?  Are you using the write to measurement file to write to a TDM file and then passing that to Excel?  If you probe the input to the write to measurement VI is the data truncated?  LabVIEW usually converts to scientific notation.  Do you have your data formatted to not use scientific notation?  Also, you may want to check the significant digits setting in Excel, as it may be cutting off your data.

Nick Keel
Product Manager - NI VeriStand and Model Interface Toolkit
National Instruments
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