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What went insane here?

OK, so why did it display sorted?

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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@Jeff Bohrer wrote:

OK, so why did it display sorted?


... and what is the "recomended work-around" documented in the CAR?




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As to the sorted text, you generate a ramp of values so what were you expecting to see? Based on the snippet that part seems normal. Of course what you are seeing can't happen. I often argue that strings and byte arrays are currently interchangable. At that point some well-respected NI person says "you can have arrays of U16 as well and LV will ignore the upper byte.". When I see mojibake like this I ask myself if I believe them or my own lying eyes. You have to remember that deep in the heart of Texas lies the Land That Time Forgot. We live in a world of multiple text encodings devoid of basic font issues, 32 bit graphics which are vector based, and what few mice we have left have at least one scroll wheel which helps greatly with *most* programs. Of course next to our mice are touchpads, graphics tablet and much more which are great for *most* graphical programs. Someday, probably when a new standard is chosen, LV will deal with Unicode. Until then enjoy your mojibake. Has the lack of simple support for basic encodings annoyed me? Nah.... When I use other programs and come back to LV certain fundamental deficiencies really cheese me off. Workaround? Steer clear of Unicode and all non-ASCII encodings. Even if it worked in one version, I see absolute nightmares with localization. Thus endeth today's rant, that felt good. 🙂
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Am I limited to one rant per day or per topic? Now I am ready to discuss the forums ability to eat linefeeds in the posts from my phone.
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As to the sorted text, you generate a ramp of values so what were you expecting to see?




Somehow I managed to reverse concatenated string and *(type *) &x in my head

NO wonder I could not duplicate at home


At least I have line feeds

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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At the moment, there is not yet a recommended workaround documented in the CAR.


Jared R.
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