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What's new in "Automated Test Software Suite"

Today, I happened to check on our annual quote for LabVIEW Professional Developer Suite and, shortly after, received an email from NI about the quote not being correct.  They basically said:


"Due to the obsolescence of the Developer Suite product, National Instruments decided not to continue renewing the Developer Suite licenses during 2019. In other words, no more Renewal Quotes for Developer Suites will be created. Instead, National Instruments is encouraging our customer to MIGRATE their Developer Suite serial numbers to one of our new NI Software Suites. Information of our new NI Software Suites is included here:"


At the site, the only suite that seem to be similar to Professional Developer is called "Automated Test Software Suite".  Yet, I can find very little info about "what's new" with this package.


Has anyone heard anything?




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Did you see this "Compare NI software suites" page? 


Professional developer is in the first column.  What do you need that isn't in that column?  See which other ones have it...

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Thanks, Kyle. But at one time, NI would have a 'what's new' announcement about the latest/greatest enhancements of LabVIEW so why you should upgrade. "Automated Test Software Suite" change seems to be a "oh, by the way, if you want to keep using our software, we changed its name and increased the price." I hate to say it, but in the 10 years that I've dealt with them, they've gotten slack these past couple of years in product support and announcements and NI-days, etc. Just not the same exciting company, or easy-to-use site.
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"Automated Test Software Suite" isn't actually new.  It's basically LabVIEW professional plus TestStand and has been around for a while now... at least since 2016.

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Right, I understand that.  But every year since I've used LabVIEW, there's the "What's New" announcements.  I haven't heard or read anything about this product renaming and what 2019 version has.  I was just wondering.

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The Developer Suite is too popular, how can we ruin this?  - Some executive at NI I assume


I too wasn't happy when I heard about it going away.  I did get wind of the changes a couple years ago, and at the time NI was heavily encouraging us to move to one of the other suites because of the coming changes.  I still look back and loved just installing some random NI toolkit of function that I didn't know I needed but already had.

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