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What is the voltage range for analog out on E/M series DAQ multifunction boards?

I am trying to develop a DAQ setup by developing a labview vi which will generate analog voltage out. I have not bought a DAQ card yet, but I am planning to get a E or M series 16 bit resolution card with atleast 2 analog outs. What is the range of the voltage out on the NI-DAQ boards of E and M series? Is it -10V to +10V ? Can it be increased? If it cannot be increased, what power amplifier will you suggest if I want the voltage range to be -15 to +15? Please help.
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Hi Ujwal,

1. You are right. I didn't find any card that has more then +/-10V Analog Output. To choose the correct card by specs and price go to the DAQ-Adviser ( and follow the simple steps there.

2. About the power amplifier, it depends on the whole application u r building and the specs of the current and etc.

Hope it Helps....

The Bush-Man
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Thanks for attention The Bush-Man.
Well I understand typically the Analog out voltage range is + or - 10V. I need some help regarding choosing a power amplifier ( if I need one).
Here's a brief discription of my application:
I have a electroactive actuator. I am trying to develop a VI which generates voltage levels specified by the user through a array. What I am trying to do is to generate a voltage spike, which is faster than the speed of response of my actuator. However, I am not exactly sure whether 10V would be sufficient amplitude for my spike. So I might need say upto 15V output. Since the DAQ cards have a maximum range of 10V, I suppose I will need a amplifier. So how should I go about in selecting a correct power amplifier or signal conditioner?
Here's what I have planned right now:

Labview VI---->DAQ card----->Analog out----->Actuator

I suppose for above stated reason, I should look for a amplifier/signal conditioner between the analog out and my actuator.

Please help
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Hello Ujwal. The correct power amplifier will depend on the voltage and current you wish to achieve. Have a great day!
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