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What is the new data structure for .RTM files in LV8?

We have software that translates our LV program to another language.  Part of that software package reads RTM files, decodes them, replaces text, and resaves them.  That code is broken for menus that are saved in LV8+, however.  What is the new data structure?


The simple attached zip file has vi's which are not ours but serve to illustrate the point.  If it's run on an older RTM file, it correctly outputs and XML version of it, on newer RTM files it just throws an error.

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Wouldn't it be easier to just have separate RTM files in the different languages and then select the appropriate one at run-time? You can use the Run-Time Menu Path Property to change which run-time menu is used by the VI.
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It definetly wont be easeier because we've been using this method for awhile, it may be necessary though, we're planning to rework things with that in mind if we have to.
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I didn't mean to mark it as solved.  Sorry
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OK. You can unmark the message as the solution by using the "Options" menu that appears above and to the right of the message.
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