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What is stopping you from switching to LabVIEW NXG? - VI server

I'm curious to know how many people who have been using LabVIEW for a while would like to switch to NXG but can't because something they need isn't supported yet.


I've been developing applications in LabVIEW for over 15 years.  I would love to switch to NXG but I can't because my main, actively developed, applications rely heavily on VI server running parallel processes (or daemons).

Until this is fully supported there's no chance for me to switch.  Unfortunately I can't tell from the LabVIEW NXG roadmap how long it will be before it is adequately supported.


Am I wrong? Will it work? Where can I find more detailed information about NXG VI server capabilities?  All the software capability chart for NXG 3.1 says is Partial: "LabVIEW NXG provides VI execution control-asynchronous calling."

2019-07-09_10h35_25.pngWhat does that mean?


Am I alone in this?  What is preventing you from moving to NXG?

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@TroyK wrote:

Am I alone in this?  What is preventing you from moving to NXG?

Of course you're not alone. I think even NI doesn't call it finished yet. 


What's preventing me (in no particular order):

+ (Intensity) Graphs couldn't hide there scales.

+ No Picture control functionality.

+ No 3D functionality.

+ No Picture control overlays in graphs\charts.

+ No SubPanels (I think that's fixed).

+ No\limited VI Server.

+ #1: That silly 'tunnel view', where 60% of my screen is used my information, where my code used to be Smiley Frustrated.

+ CG isn't broken \ no immediate reason Smiley Very Happy.


The progress on NXG is very impressive though. (Just what to stress that)


I can see a -not so far- future where it will be competitive. I especially see NXG pass CG soon in:

+ UI development (custom controls, Unicode support)

+ web (related) development (webVIs)

+ IDE customization (plug-ins).

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I'm right there with both you guys, so many things unavailable still its not usable when you template/reuse much code.  Code conversion is still not there since so many things with VI server, dynamic processes, actor framework, subpanels, splitters, events that are missing it can't be used for conversions or new development unless I'm going without these things, which I wouldn't in my level of apps.  Agree with all your areas as well mentioned that are still missing.  Its 10 years backwards to me, let along the new IDE environment being much slower, less short cuts, missing features like text search, projects being so different its all slower and less capable.  Some new areas look great and some new things like webVIs are nice to see here, but I've been doing webVIs with labview and websockets for years now, I don't need to do them in LabVIEW really, its not any faster and likely won't ever be.  

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Only one (maybe two) years ago, NXG was 20 yeas behind. Not sure how this will interpolate into the future. I would not be surprised if in another two years it's 0-1 years behind.


I am sure that we'll lose some things forever (wires with names, units). And some things will changes beyond recognition (scripting, hopefully. The IDE, sadly). There are also pretty important gains. Not in the least NIs confidence in the source code for the future.


Next years will be interesting for sure!

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Two things for me:


1) I hate MDI applications that want me to have all their documents in one single window. Yes you can undock LabVIEW panels, just as you can undock views in Visual Studio, which helps it a little but still it feels seriously constrained and as others pointed out it tends to cover half of my VERY valueable screen space with things I don't want to see all the time.


2) Still limited support for things like realtime and FPGA development which is an absolute must for use in our projects. Without cRIO support we can abandon quite a few projects more or less completely and/or have to go to alternative platforms like Beckhoff and TwinCAT. Not my first choice if I have a choice but definitely an option.

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