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What is property 104204298?

Does anyone know what property name is associated with property index 104204298?

It is a valid property for an Error Ring; the value is boolean, and is writeable, but changing it doesn't appear to have any effect.

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Where are you finding this property index? If you could post a screenshot showing where you are seeing this information, it may help clarify your request.

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In order to update my list of property indices (see, I searched for valid indices for the new Error Ring object class.  Most of them were already known, but I have no info on 104204298.

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Oh ok,thanks for clarifying! That's actually a pretty cool list. Did you write some code to programmatically run through all the indices?

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As the list has evolved over the years, I've used a variety of utilities to flesh it out.  These days, when I find a new object (e.g. the Error Ring), I just run some brute force code that tries all the indicies (it takes a few days running in the bkgnd).  The more elegant approaches don't find everything; in fact for the Error Ring, using ordinary methods will find no properties at all.

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I’ve been looking through some documentation and haven’t found any mention of property name associated with that index. Is this information critical for any sort of application?

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I discovered that 104204298 is: "Visible Items:Subdiagram Visible" (which doesn't mean anything on an Error Ring).

However I've discovered several more property indices of unknown names that apply to Error Rings:

1594996736 Variant: Cluster
1594996739 Boolean
1594996740 Boolean
1594996741 Boolean
1594996742 String: (.html file name)
1594996745 Boolean

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