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What is difference between USB-7855R and PCIe-7851R with respect to software?

I had been used USB-7855R(FPGA),

recently I am trying to convert the code for 7855R to it for 7851R.


I know that many parts of the code for 7855R should be changed for the application of 7851R

for which I have many troubles.

especially, for data type of FIFO using DMA (Analog input and analog output).



Can someone share any helpful documentation or information for programing the 7851R?


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The 7851 is an older device (Virtex-5) vs the 7855 (Kintex-7) so some Xilinx IP will work differently.


Which I/O are you using on the 7855?


Will the 7851 do the same as the 7855?

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