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What is causing this Error -1073807339 to appear?


What is causing this Error -1073807339 to appear?

Hey Guys,

I've written a program to read serial data off of a receiver at work. I receive the signal that I want, and all goes well until I hit the "Stop" button. When I do, the program waits the amount of time I call out for the "Timeout" constant and then gives me the error code:


"Error -1073807339 occurred at <2>{"desc"["NI:VISASmiley Frustratedet Error Code.gvi:520001","NI:VISA:Read (Bytes).gvi:5740001","NI:VISA:Read (Instr, Bytes).gvi:5790001","NI:VISA:Read (Instr, String).gvi:2950001","Function.gvi"]}".


This only happens when I use the while loop. When I remove the while loop, it runs smoothly, no error. Any ideas?

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Re: What is causing this Error -1073807339 to appear?

Hey Kai456,


Unfortunately, I haven't been able to see your GVI. However, form your message I think the issue is that when you are sending commands in a loop you have the incorrect termination for your message / incorrect syntax for your instrument.

A timeout error could also result from the wrong command strings written to the drivers. Check the command strings sent to the VISA Read and VISA Write calls and ensure that they are written in the proper syntax for your instrument.


Note: A new line or carriage return is often required at the end of a command. A good way to test this in LabVIEW is to right-click the command string control on the front panel and change the display to '\' Codes Display mode. In this mode, a carriage return is \r, a line feed is \n, and an end of line is \r\n. Verify that the command being sent to the serial device has the termination character that the device requires.

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