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What is an embedded signal in labview?

What I have to do is this:


I need to Generate 2 2D arrays and make a subvi (done) but I need to do this with an embedded signal (I don't know what this is at all)


Then I have to multiply the 2D arrays and display it on an intensity plot (easy)


My main issue comes with the topic of an embedded signal, I have absolutely no clue what this is.

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Where did you see the reference to embedded? Is this a homework assignment?
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Yes it is a reference to a homework assignment (mainly a project)


This is my project question: generate two 2D array with an embedded signal, multiply them, display it on an intensity plot, make sure the 2D array are made using a subvi.

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@Ismailak wrote:

What I have to do is this:

Then ask whoever told you to do "this". We can only guess what an embedded signal is.

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I sent him an email. I figured it was some kind of signal like a sine wave 'embedded' in a FOR loop or something.

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"Embedded" typically refers to hardware. Can you post the entire problem description verbatim?

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He just emailed back and gave me this reply: Build an object inside a matrix , in the same way we did with the square.


When he is referring to the square we made a VI where we generated a square and moved it through noise.

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Our Project is this:


Develop a program with the following Specifications:

The program mast contain:

  1. Comments for each data and structures                                                         (10 points)
  2. Use at least two vector, two arrays                                                    (10 points)
  3. Save and read from files                                                                        (10 points)
  4. Graduate students only (search specific data in multiple files )    (10 points)
  5. Use at least one SubVI.                                                                         (10 points)
  6. Perform at least two mathematical operation with matrices        (10 points)
  7. Display intensity plots                                                                                 (10 points)
  8. Graduate Students only (Show a 3D plot)                                      (10 points)
  9. Use at least one local and one global variable                                (10 points)
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@Ismailak wrote:

Our Project is this:

I don't see the word "embedded" at all.

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And points should be subtracted if a local or global variable is used.:-)
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