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What is a refnum?

So this may be a really, really simple question, but I am having trouble understanding something.  I was curious what a turqoise wire is, so I did some reading and found out it is for a refnum.  But, I cannot find out what a refnum actually is.  I think it is a link to a specific control on the front panel, but then why use a reference instead of a property node, or even wire the control directly to a desired output?




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There are many uses for control references. For example you could feed the refnum of a control to a subVI and change some property of the control there (e.g. value, color, boolean text, etc.).



The list of possible flavors of refnums is large. Here's a list. (Look for some typical uses in the description for each entry).

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Hey Richard,


Here is some more information about the different applications of property nodes and refnums, in addition to the great info that altenbach posted. Hope that helps!

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