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What is DBL block? Why am I not get an array of numerical outputs?

I am trying to use the Peak Detector. I checked out this post.


In the picture, the Locations output is connected to a block called DBL?


I searched DBL  in my block diagram and this is what I got:


 How do I get his DBL?

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Numeric Constant.  You can change the representation to be of type DBL.

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It's an indicator of an array of doubles. You put that on your front panel and the block diagram terminal appears.


Three ways to get that:
1- Drop a Numeric indicator on the front panel along with an Array frame. Drag the Numeric into the Array frame.

2- Drop a Numeric indicator on the front panel, then right click on it, then Convert to Array.

3- Right click the output terminal of the subVI and click "Create Indicator"

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