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What has changed in HTTP Client VIs from LV2010 to LV2010 SP1

Hi all,


It appears to be a major internal undocumented change for HTTP Client VIs between LV2010 and LV2010 SP1. In LV2010, the client VIs used a dll called "ni_httpClient.dll", but in LV2010 SP1 it is not used any more, probably used pure LabVIEW solution. There was a bug in HTTP PostMultipart, since it couldn't be executed twice, needed to disconnect and connect to get it work again. However, in LV2010 SP1, they have done some changes, since this VI now returns a header stating it using HTTP 1.0 and not HTTP 1.1 as "old" LV2010 did. I've also had problems in LV2010 SP1 that if the server doesn't reply anymore the HTTP Client VIs hangs and I need to kill LabVIEW.exe process. In LV2010, there was a timeout. I've tried to set different time out between 10 and 10000. No difference. I know that there has been a bug in LV2010, since time out was in s and not ms as the controls says. Don't know if they have fixed this in SP1, it seems to be an infinite timeout...


Anybody has an experience of HTTP Client problems between LV2010 and LV2010 SP1?






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I found what has changed from LV2010 to LV2010SP1


* ni_httpClient.dll is now included in the runtime engine (that was why I though they didn't use the ni_httpClient.dll anymore, but that is not the fact. It's not included in the builds anymore though)

* ni_httpClient.dll is version 1.1.0f14 in Lv2010 and version 1.1.0f0 in LV2010SP1. They have stepped back??? Why?


In Lv2011, ni_httpClient.dll is version 1.2.0f0. Maybe I can try this and see what happens.




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Interesting.  I've had issues with the HTTP Post vi.


It used to work, now it doesn't.  Not sure if it is with one particular website or not.


I'll see if I can track down an earlier version of the DLL.


The ones I've got are from the LV2010 resource directory, and the LV2011 resource directory, seems to be versions and respectively.



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I know it's a very old post but if anyone can help, will appreciate.

I am having the exact same problem. And worst part is that is happen sporadically, so difficult to recreate it. 

Has anyone got any solution for it.

I have disabled all the firewalls and any antivirus. Till  now is it running good.

Haven't got a chance to try with different Labview version or drivers as Mattias suggested. 

Also, has changing the timeout value helped anyone?



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