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What features are being planned for the next version of VI Logger?

Will VI Logger ever be able to log data other than analog inputs? One method could be to use the existing ability to read simulated channels. If MAX supported creating your own custom simulated data tables than we would have it made. It would also be nice to have a separate forum for VI Logger discussions.
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Ah, now I see the reasoning behind your other post.  If I understand you correctly, you want to be able to populate a table with some data, and then use a simulated device to "acquire" that data so that you can log it with VI Logger.  Just out of curiosity, why would you want to log data that you already have to begin with?  Of course, I may be totally misunderstanding what you are trying to do...Smiley Wink
You're right, I can see some of the benefits of having a separate VI Logger forum.  However, we consider VI Logger as a part of Multifunction DAQ because most of the measurement problems we see tend to come from the DAQ device setup rather than how to use program itself.  In that sense, it's good to keep those questions together.
Justin M.
National Instruments
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