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What exactly is a DSC module?

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There are so many different versions of Modbus libraries floating around, event I'm getting confused.


  • There are the original libraries.  These seem to be polymorphic VI's now.  But I think older versions were not.  I have these in User.lib palette.
  • There are the ones in the NI Labs Toolkits  Although they are lower version numbers, I think they are actually newer VI's.  There was always some version numbering confusion.
  • The one you can find in VI Package Manager.  It says it is  (which matches one of the version numbers in the NI Labs link above.)  This seems to install in Data Communication >> Modbus Library (based on LVOOP)
  • The version I have in LV 2014 that requires the DSC and installs in Data Communication >> Modbus  (based on LVOOP)
  • The I/O Server library based setup that requires the DSC module.

The images below shows some of them.

Top, LV 2016, purple header, comes from VI Package manger.

Middle 2014, relatively yellow VI's,  comes with DSC module.

Bottom 2016, mostly black/white, original library from the top link.


I have only ever used the top library.

If I was starting a new project, I'd probably use the one from VI package manager that has the purple header.  If I ran into any issues because it was LVOOP based, I'd go back to using the one I've used a lot and am comfortable with.



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@Jacobson-ni wrote:

It gets kind of confusing here because there is a Modbus folder under Data Communications that does ship with the RT and DSC Module. 

So sorry, yeah I knew I had those before DSC, forgot that I installed RT, because I don't use the Modbus stuff on RT.  There are definitely too many options when it comes to Modbus.

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I am going to brush up on my Labview skills and try installing the Modbus library from the VIPM. Thanks guys.

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