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What does this block diagram ??

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What does this block diagram ??

Corresponds to a VI library Modbus. But I have because if the block is configured to write to multiple coils Coils because Read is set to 1 ??

As part of all this work?

Sorry if the question is beginner.


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In this block diagram, "Read Coils" and "Write Multiple Coils" are enumerated values (or possibly rings, doesn't matter which for the purpose of this explanation). Enumerations assign names to numbers, to make them easier to read. The Read Coils command has a value of 1, the Write Multiple Coils command has a value of 15. You don't need to worry about that number, though, because the enumeration takes care of it for you.


The cluster constant containing Read Coils is there just to provide the correct datatype (a cluster with the right elements). Nearly all of the elements of that cluster are overridden by the values wired into the Bundle by Name node. For example the Read Coils value is there as a placeholder for any Function Code; the actual Function Code is set by wiring Write Multiple Coils into Bundle by Name.

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You can turn off that little number by right-clicking on the enum and selecting Visible Items->Digital Display.  When the check mark goes away, so should that little number.

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